JCreator Pro 4.00.028

A fast, reliable and easy to use IDE tool for programmers

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    Pro 4.00.028

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    Windows 2000 / Windows XP

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    6.7 (82)

JCreator is a commercial Java-based Integrated Developer Environment developed by Xinox Software. JCreator has two versions Lite Edition and ProEdition. The Lite Edition omits features such as code completion which are present in the ProEdition. Both versions are available for a free 30-day trial after which you must purchase a license. JCreator targets the Windows operating system platform. However, many users have successfully run the program on Linux using the Wine emulator.

JCreator is coded in C++, and therefore, it does not require the Java Runtime Environment to run. JCreator’s user interface is highly customizable. Users can change many parts of the interface such as icons, colors, and fonts. The user interface also provides an easy and intuitive way of managing projects. There are two viewing modes Class View and File View. File View shows the directory structure of a project while Class View shows the logical organization of all the classes in a project. Each project can use a unique JDK profile; this is useful when you have projects that target different JDK Versions.

Writing Java code on JCreator is a joy. You can open multiple files at the same time. The program’s autosave works perfectly, and it ensures that you do not lose any changes made to your source code.


  • The IDE is lightweight and requires minimal resources to run
  • You can use JCreator to open other file formats such as TXT, JSP and JAR.
  • Provision for automatic classpath configuration


  • There is no support for build automation tools such as Gradle or Make.
  • There are no advanced features such as automated refactoring which are found in free Java IDEs
  • JCreator does not have runtime error detection
  • JCreator is commercial software, yet it lacks numerous features that are present in free and open source Java IDEs
  • JCreator cannot be extended using plugins
  • You cannot use this IDE with any version control software such as Git or SVN

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